Electrical Supplies

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Electrical Supplies

Electrical Supplies | Ziegler's Hardware - Los Angeles, CA

Ziegler’s Hardware stocks an ample inventory of electrical supplies:

• Light switches and dimmers
• Light bulbs
• Outdoor lighting
• Electronics
• Door chimes
• Connectors and plugs
• Fasteners and wires
• Batteries and battery chargers
• Wall plates
• Timers and adapters
• Extension cords and power strips
• Generators
• Alternative energy supplies

And more!

If you are about to undertake a project and are in need of electrical supplies, Ziegler’s Hardware is your one-stop electrical supplies provider. Based in Los Angeles, California, we have been servicing this community for over 16 years.

A growing number of electricians and end users looking for electrical supplies have become Ziegler’s Hardware’s loyal customers. We are your friendly neighborhood hardware store with employees who are eager to assist you and with a vast array of electrical supplies so that you will find what you need quickly and easily.

Aside from electrical supplies, we also carry items for auto bikes, bicycles, concrete, glass cutting, window screens, key duplicates, nuts and bolts, painting supplies and fog controls. You need it? We have it! And most importantly, we’ll help you find it right away.

At Ziegler’s Hardware, our knowledgeable salespeople will provide you with any electrical supplies from our vast inventory. And, if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you! Whether you are lighting an outdoor landscape project, or you need new chimes for the front door or a dimmer for the dining room, Ziegler’s Hardware is the place to go!

Stop by Ziegler’s Hardware today to see our electric supplies inventory for yourself. You will be impressed!

Ziegler’s Hardware is family-owned and operated and our passion is providing you with excellent customer service. We are proud to say that most of our new customers come by way of referrals from our existing customers! That is our best testimonial.

And, if you’re a Hollywood fan, when you walk into Ziegler’s Hardware in Los Angeles, you will be walking the same aisles walked by Jake Gyllenhaal during the last scenes of the thriller Zodiac. That is quite electric itself, is it not??

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