Paint Supplies

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Paint Supplies

Paint Supplies | Ziegler's Hardware - Los Angeles, CA

Ziegler Hardware is your one-stop shop for that paint project you’re involved in right now. We carry all the paint supplies you need for a successful job:

Brushes—We will help you select the right size and shape, which will save you lots of time later.
Roller Covers—Choosing the right roller covers will make painting much easier, without needless splattering.
Tape and Masking—To achieve straight edges and protect your surfaces, we will help you select tape and masking supplies.
Sandpaper and Abrasives—We carry these items for sanding jobs.
Drop Cloths and Plastic Sheeting—These items will protect your surfaces.
Caulks and Sealants—Your prep work will include caulking and sealing cracks to attain a smooth finish.
Patching and Repair—These items are for painting, staining or wallpapering.
Ladders and Scaffolds—For safe access to high areas.
Cleaning Supplies—When the project is done, cleaning up the mess is important.

Ziegler’s Hardware carries a full line of paint supplies to help you successfully carry out your paint project from start to finish! Our products are top-of-the-line and our prices are very competitive. You can literally zip in and out of our store in a minimal amount of time due to the excellent customer service you will receive from our staff.

If you’re thinking of painting your home or some areas of it, stop by Ziegler’s Hardware today to browse at our paint supplies. You will be very pleasantly surprised! Every item is organized and set up so that they are easy to find. And you will have one of our friendly employees act as your personal consultant.

Stop by Ziegler’s Hardware today for your paint supplies shopping.

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